The Power of Mentoring

"The granddaddy of all mistakes is competing to be the best, going down the same path as everybody else and thinking that somehow you can achieve better results. This is a hard race to win." 

~Prof. Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Startup Advisor helps founders of early-stage technology startups navigate the complexities of

startup PR, startup social media, startup sales and startup funding.


We help improve your go-to-market strategy. We mentor startup teams and provide critical and independent insight and intelligence. We help entrepreneurs engage with key opportunities and avoid missteps. We add value to development and planning meetings. We can help you transform your brand from a nice-to-have to a must-have.


Since 1998, we have accelerated the success of dozens of startups and Fortune 500 companies from the U.S., Finland, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, Hong Kong and China. 


We bring experience and insight to every session.

What's keeping you up at night?

Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Many startups enter the U.S. marketplace without understanding their strengths and where they might find opportunities to grow and 'make noise'.


Through scheduled, hourly conference calls we review your challenges and suggest ways you can achieve key metrics and close sales, marketing, media and partnership opportunities critical to startup success.

It starts with a free 15-minute call where we ask questions and invite yours.

We follow up each call with a summary of suggested actions.

Given the noise and speed of today’s marketplace, we can help you define your value proposition and explore ways you can lead a marketplace. We also can focus your messaging and positioning in ways that drive key metrics.
Business Development
We can explore and advise on external leads and strategic partnerships that can exponentially impact company performance.

We can advise on media and analyst outreach, story development, content marketing, social media, customer engagement and fundraising..



StartupAdvisor.us was founded by S. Neil Vineberg, a seasoned public relations and marketing strategist with a 20-year track record accelerating the success of Internet technology entrepreneurs.  His experience encompasses IoT, VR, telecom, music, B2B, education, advertising, and digital media. He has also managed PR strategy for IBM, Gartner, Sony, United Airlines, Sprint and Procter & Gamble.  


As managing director at IoT publisher and tech accelerator ReadWrite.com, Neil helped close a strategic financing round and launched the company in Hong Kong and San Francisco. Neil has served as a strategic PR advisor to tech publisher Gigaom. He was chief marketing officer for Finnish startup ThingLink.com, the leading interactive image platform.  Neil  also held partner and senior positions with NYC-based communication firms including Middleberg Euro and Golin Harris where he worked with leading startups and Fortune 500s.


Neil has spoken at the SF Music Tech Summit, Billboard Future of Music Conference, PR Summit, Digital Music Forum West, Future of Music Summit, MacWorld, BlogWorld, and Sun Startup Camp.

After hours, he is an award-winning guitarist and recording artist whose music is played on Sirius XM Spa68.


A European healthcare startup was raising cash.  SF Bay Area VCs were telling them, "Sounds good, come back in 6 months."


We did a SWOT session and suggested ideas for their tagline and story.  At the next day's VC presentation, they were complimented on their positioning and invited back to meet the team. 

The company has joined Y Combinator.

Neil Vineberg

Neil and Christopher Graham, Amazon Music. 



Yobie Benjamin, CEO

Companies get acquired for a variety of reasons but what NEVER hurts is a bit of positive positioning, messaging and PR… all of which Neil and his posse provided. No one knows where great public relations gets you or how it contributes to your eventual exit but I know with certainty we (GoodStorm) got acquired because of the PR and positioning Neil so deftly executed. You want the real mojo? …Neil Vineberg!” 

Andrew Kutt, Founder

What Neil did for us was to identify the core elements of who we were/are, to refine the vocabulary we were using to define ourselves, and to identify the tools and partners that would turbo charge our efforts."

Jonas Forth, CEO
Cody 11.jpeg
Cody Barbo, CEO
(Techstars 2018)
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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Neil for several years now. One of the things I’ve come to appreciate the most about him is his ability to truly digest everything that’s going on in our business (which can be quite the roller-coaster), and introduce abstract thinking for new initiatives based on his decades of experience. Neil helps unlock the creative part of your brain that went on vacation, and brings it front and center."


Neil's brilliance lies in his ability to create new relationships and close deals that at first seemed impossible. He is able to foresee coming opportunities and act on them with sharp and quick decisions without losing focus on the original objective.

He is a great mentor and I learned most of my hands-on marketing skills from him.

Leigh Solomon, Director

Neil is one of the most creative, innovative, and hard-working people I've ever met. I partnered with him several years ago to bring Thinglink's technology capabilities to Discovery to enhance our digital product suite. Neil by nature is a leader and a visionary who cares deeply about messaging and the end goal where he has proven that he can make young organizations successful. He has been advising and leading startups to greater fortunes and actionable results over his entire career and I am very fortunate to have had the chance to work and develop a friendship with him.


We are defined by the company we keep and learn from those around us. Here are some of the extraordinary companies and organizations we've had the privilege to work with:

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