10 Big Mistakes Every New Entrepreneur Needs To Avoid

10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council were interviewed about their biggest mistakes as an entrepreneur, and how they can be avoided. These were the top 10: 1. Not Asking For Help Build a a team you can trust and mentors to guide you. Ask for help. 2. Overusing Personal Capital Limit the amount of personal capital you’re willing to invest. 3. Lacking Focus Keep tabs on the multiple action items you might be dealing with as a CEO or team member. 4. Treating Your Business As

Questions to Ask a Startup Advisor

“While most startup founders need to be a jack-of-all-trades to run a startup, they don't have all the answers. The ones that tend to succeed, realize when they need a little help and reach out to friends, colleagues, other entrepreneurs, mentors and, of course, advisors for insight.” ~Entrepreneur Magazine We like Entrepreneur Magazine's list of topics you want to consider when evaluating a startup advisor or advisory board member. Expertise - Does the startup advisor’s expe

Why StartupAdvisor.us?

We’ve made it really easy for startup entrepreneurs to access expert and affordable experience and mentoring... how you want it, and when you need it. Startups function daily in a world of uncertainty. Entrepreneurs need to be able to multi-task and have the ability to solve any problem. Martin Suter, head of China Digital Commerce at Anheuser-Busch, writes in XZ Ventures Blog, "Usually, a startup won’t have the funding or ability to hire specialists for every task in the e