10 Big Mistakes Every New Entrepreneur Needs To Avoid

10 members of Young Entrepreneur Council were interviewed about their biggest mistakes as an entrepreneur, and how they can be avoided. These were the top 10:

1. Not Asking For Help

Build a a team you can trust and mentors to guide you. Ask for help.

2. Overusing Personal Capital

Limit the amount of personal capital you’re willing to invest.

3. Lacking Focus

Keep tabs on the multiple action items you might be dealing with as a CEO or team member.

4. Treating Your Business As A Hobby

You can treat your business as a hobby or take a consistent and focused approach. It does make a huge difference.

5. Saying 'Yes' To Every Opportunity

Make sure you invest in opportunities that align with your core objectives and deliver results.

6. Not Believing In Yourself

You gotta believe in yourself first. There’s little room for lack of confidence.

7. Not Getting Expert Legal Advice

Make sure you’re working with legal advisors early. That’s the best way to avoid errors later.

8. Spreading Yourself Thin

Focus on tasks with the most impact and prioritize.

9. Doing Something You Don’t Love

Folks with passion win. Do you love your work?

10. Trying To Know All The Answers

Tap into the expertise around you. No entrepreneur has all the answers.

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