19 Tips For Startup Success

Mary Juetten, CEO of Traklight and former CEO of Evolve Law, has penned a terrific post that draws on her 30 years of experience as a startup entrepreneur. She writes, "Part of living and working in the startup world is learning from mistakes, both your own and others’. You have the chance to see what differentiates the companies that ended up having success from those that ultimately fell flat, and with any luck, you can spot those lessons before making the same blunders yourself. And while in life occasionally it’s best to let others make their own mistakes so they can learn from them, there’s no reason not to share the collective business wisdom.

Solve a real problem and meet real needs with your product

Leadership is more than vision

Put the right team in place

Find the mentors you need

Establish your culture as the foundation

Protect yourself with a business entity

Have signed contracts

Treat your ideas carefully

Protect your intellectual property

Plan for success and work towards that end

Don’t be afraid of competition

Develop a roadmap

Establish your expertise

Create content

Form relationships

Question everything

Start slow

Be patient when fundraising

Have fun

Her post aims to help founders avoid mistakes. Read more.

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