7 Startup Tips for Generating Good PR

Most startups have zero budget for public relations (PR). Here are 7 must-do tips for startups looking to generate positive PR, from Jonathan Long, founder of Uber Brands.

“Most startups face a major challenge when it comes to public relations. They know buzz needs to be created through PR channels, but they don’t always have the connections or manpower to stir up good press,” writes Long.

“The right PR can help early-stage startups build user bases as well as attract interest from venture capitalists. Don’t let a non-existent marketing budget or the lack of a dedicated marketing team discourage you, he adds.”

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Here are Long's 7 tips for generating effective PR. Read more in Entrepreneur.

1. Identify your target media outlets and journalists. Know who you want to reach and why.

2. Use content assets as PR bait. Including an infographic or stats in your pitch can increase the chances of pickup.

3. Don’t send a copy/paste generic pitch. Journalists can sniff out a generic pitch a mile away. Take time, research the writer and his/her work, and send a pitch that is relevant to the writer. Referencing a writer's prior work in a pitch is a great way to get attention.

4. Craft your pitch so it’s newsworthy. Writers like to break news. New product launches and major updates can be positioned as news. Find a newsworthy angle that gets attention.

5. Use Twitter for soft-introductions. Most journalists use Twitter. If you want to get noticed by a writer, start commenting on their Twitter and noticed.

6. Include statistics and hard data. Whenever you can include relevant stats that validate your pitch, you’ll increase the chances of pickup.

7. Don’t make your pitch sound like a press release. Avoid boring fluff and get to the point.

What are you doing to generate PR for your startup?

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