Questions to Ask a Startup Advisor

“While most startup founders need to be a jack-of-all-trades to run a startup, they don't have all the answers. The ones that tend to succeed, realize when they need a little help and reach out to friends, colleagues, other entrepreneurs, mentors and, of course, advisors for insight.” ~Entrepreneur Magazine

We like Entrepreneur Magazine's list of topics you want to consider when evaluating a startup advisor or advisory board member.

Expertise - Does the startup advisor’s experience match up with your challenges? You generally will benefit by working with someone who has already applied successful solutions to challenges like those you’re now facing.

Vision - Is the startup advisor truly passionate about your company? Find someone who understands the landscape of your industry, or will put in the time to understand it.

Fit - Do you feel a personal synergy and connection with the startup advisor?Do you communicate well together? Has the advisor shared success stories and case studies? Is he/she a good listener?

Time - Will the startup advisor be able to devote the time needed to this relationship?

These are covered in Entrepreneur Magazine's post. If you have questions about hiring a Startup Advisor, set up a free 15-minute call online and tell us what's on your mind.

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